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      Winner "Southwest Book Award, 2012" Border Regional Library Association (Texas)
      Winner "Best Southwest Book, 2012 Pima County Arizona Library System (Arizona)


Despite his sullied reputation as a foul-mouthed, beer-guzzling heathen with a sixth-grade education and an insatiable addiction to hot chile peppers, Clarence W. Boggs, AKA Uncle Bud, is one of Noah Odell’s favorite people. But when fourteen-year-old Noah and his widowed mother leave rainy southern Oregon to live with Bud on an isolated cattle ranch in the New Mexico desert, neither could have ever imagined the alien world they were about to enter.

Eons away from anything resembling paradise but just a few miles from the Middle of Nowhere,    Bud’s newly acquired kettle wrench--surrounded by a parched landscape that routinely boasts temperatures of 100 degrees in the shade--is the ultimate in rustic. The only livestock in sight are a  dozen scrawny cattle seemingly on the verge of starvation. Rattlesnakes compete for slither space  outside the dilapidated, 150-year-old ranch house while giant roaches reign unhindered inside. The outdoor privy is infested with black widow spiders and a tyrannical rooster with the personality of Attila the Hun dominates the weed-filled yard.

Noah wants desperately to be a cowboy, however, and he and his mother settle comfortably, if tenuously, into ranch life. When his uncouth but benevolent uncle presents him with a hot tempered, middle-aged mule named Brimstone, Noah’s misadventures begin. Accompanied by his new friends Marvin Couch and tomboy prodigy LaDonna Hawthorne, Noah and his trusty steed encounter an extraordinary cast of villains--from mysterious flying objects and a gang of bullies who wants Noah’s liver for lunch, to U.S. Army lawyers and military police trying to confiscate the Boggs Ranch in order to expand a top-secret rocket testing facility at nearby White Sands Proving Ground.

Set in the American Southwest during the late 1950s and based on events both real and imagined, Hard To Have Heroes is a whimsical, irreverently adult novel that pits the tenacity and determination of a modern day Tom Sawyer against the power and greed of the U.S. Government. Funny and frightening, spiked with tales of lost outlaw gold, Apache folk lore, and ghostly Spanish maidens, it is an irresistible portrait of south-western life in a simpler time and place. Read Praise/Reviews    

A Traveler's Companion to the Important Pueblo Ruins of the American Southwest

What really happened to the Anasazi and the other prehistoric Indian cultures who inhabited the Southwestern United States from the time of Jesus until the 1300s? Did they disappear off the face of the earth in a mass migration to Oblivion as some guidebooks claim, or did they meet another, less sinister, fate? Ancient Pueblos, Sacred Places will tell you. This comprehensive guide to the major Indian ruins and archaeological sites in Colorado, New Mexico Arizona, and Utah, is a must for anyone interested in Southwestern archaeology. Analizing the latest research, author Buddy Mays explains what really happened a thousand years ago in the American Southwest. Want to know how the Chaco Canyon Anasazi knew the exact days of the summer and winter solstice and the autumn and vernal equinoxes? Or why most of an entire pueblo of perhaps 500 people in Colorado was slaughtered by their neighbors? Or the health risks involved with making arrowheads or flint knives? You'll find out here in terms that are easy to understand.     Now on Amazon Kindle.


Did you know that every time a caterpillar laughs out loud, a flower fairy is born? Or that Butterfly Tag is a favorite flower fairy game? Or that flower fairies are all girls because if there were boy flower fairies, they would always be sweaty and muddy and stinky and have worms in their pockets, and nobody would like that! Most people don't realize it, but these tiny magical creatures-the most common of all fairies-inhabit many well-tended flower gardens-possibly even yours. This delightful, beautifully-illustrated children's book provides young and old readers with secrets to successful flower fairy watching. Read Praise/Reviews    

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E IS FOR EGGPLANT   $2.99 (e-book)

Yams in disguise, zucchinis in bikinis, corn being cool, green onions with grins, all make learning the alphabet loads of fun for young readers. Wonderfully written and illustrated, E is for Eggplant, is a fun, funny book of rhymes and pictures that every child will want to hear and see over and over. Great for teaching kids about scrumptious healthy foods and their ABCs at the same time.

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